Saturday, December 10, 2011

some christmas cheer.

i've been feeling quite festive this year and it's because this time last year i didn't know things like cute creative blogs, pinterest and tumblr existed and suddenly my eyes have been opened to a magical world of wonderful ideas and lots of beautiful things. i'm awfully inspired. another reason i'm feeling festive of course is that my little class are all so excited about christmas, we're making lots of christmas crafts and everyone at work is starting to wear christmas tshirts and earrings. now for some festive snaps..

santa going past at  the town pageant
my red, white and silver christmas tree. my poor tree has been awfully bare for the last 2 years with a handful of decorations i picked up from the op shop (thrift shop), i like decorations with lots of character but mum kindly agreed to let me share the family collection and now i've got a beautiful tree full of lots of interesting decorations and mum's got a lovely green, gold and white tree.
my second addition to my class end of year christmas bags. i made each of them a bag of reindeer noses with 11 brown noses and 1 red candy nose for rudolph. these will go in a little christmas bag for each of them along with crayon ornaments. i just need one more idea for something extra to add to their goody bag... any thoughts???

for other christmas ideas that have got me excited check out my christmas time board on pinterest.

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  1. The Reindeer noses are an adorable idea! I love it!