Thursday, November 24, 2011

my childhood home.

one of the things i like about living in the country is that every time i go back to home i  have the excuse that i need to stay at my parents house. there is something great about being able to stay in my childhood home and remember what it was like being a child growing up. there are so many cherished memories shared in this home. there's my yellow bedroom, mum's treasure trove of family heirlooms, excessive dollys every where, photos of people i love, lots of leadlight windows and antique furniture mismatched with pretty things.
i enjoy being an adult, having my own home and making my own choices but there is something so special and lovely about spending time in my old home. in your childhood home it is so peaceful without the responsibilities and chores that dominate everyday life (though i do help out) and a place you can just relax and get away from everything that needs to be done back there. there are parents willing to spoil you and feed you; how i love the hot breakfasts dad cooks every morning and the abundance of fruit and vegetables in my parents fridge. while i don't want to be a country girl forever, for now i'm going to be thankful for the chance i have to stay at mum and dads and enjoy the chance to be the kid again.

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